Encourage, Equip, and Engage for the Glory of God

The Network of Christian Scholars is a community based at the University of Toronto for Christian scholars to connect. We strive to encourage, equip, and engage each other and the Church.

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Latest News & Events

Seminar Series: Worldview & the Academy

In the arena of ideas, how does our worldview shape how we view ideas and pursue truth? How does the Christian worldview impact the way we study our disciplines? Our 2017-18 Semina…


Toronto Christian Scholar Symposium

The Toronto Christian Scholar Symposium is an annual gathering of interdisciplinary scholars of the Christian faith. We aim to foster a…

Wycliffe College

Prayer Meeting

To accommodate those who couldn't attend Tuesday mornings last semester, our bi-weekly prayer meetings will be changing to Thu…

MSB Starbucks

Prayer Meeting

Our final prayer meeting for the semester will be on Tuesday December 19th from 8:00-8:45am in front of the Starbucks in…

MSB Starbucks

Major Worldviews - Islam

In the arena of ideas, how does our worldview shape how we view ideas and pursue truth? How does the Christian worldview impact the way…

Wycliffe College
To know God in Christ means that we desire to make Christian truth available to others in the most compelling form possible.Douglas Groothuis

Encourage Christian Scholars

Scholars often work in isolation from one another as they pursue research in academic institutions. NCS brings together Christian scholars from various fields and departments for fellowship and encouragement. We meet regularly to pray for one another and to discuss how the Christian faith informs and motivates our pursuit of truth in our academic work.

Equip the Church

By virtue of their academic experience Christian scholars are positioned to help equip the church to face challenges offered by religious pluralism and secularism. NCS provides local churches with a rich resource of Christian scholars specializing in a variety of fields. We seek to equip the church to be faithful and effective witnesses of the gospel by helping Christians think through how to engage the culture with confidence.

Engage the Academic Community

We engage the academic community in order to demonstrate the credibility of the Christian faith and message. We do so by hosting lectures and debates on a variety of topics. We also welcome academic colleagues who are investigating the Christian faith to dialogue about religious belief and to consider how the Christian gospel can transform every aspect of our lives, including academic pursuits.

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