5 steps that will help you DIY an artificial Flower Crown

Flower crowns are ideally in a trend these days, but it is quite obvious that you never have to break the bank to buy one. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a flower crown for either your wedding, a shower, or to go with your festival fashion, you can easily buy dried flowers online or faux flowers and use this DIY flower crown tutorial to design a custom crown that you can use repeatedly. Artificial flowers or dried flowers can greatly help to keep costs down and enables you with a crown that stays fresh for a longer duration. Additionally, if you show it to your friend, they’ll certainly never guess you made it yourself.

Step-1: Gather Your Materials

You should start by collecting the required materials. As you opt for flowers for your crown, start by considering where you want to wear it and what you want to pair it with. Choose some artificial blooms that can prove to be an integral shade to your attire. You’ll also need to choose flowers with different sizes, textures, and colors so that they emerge out in the crown. For each crown, it is recommended to use one to two large blooms and three to five smaller blooms as accents. You should refrain from using too many large flowers otherwise the crown will become too bulky and oversized. In addition to this, you should choose a few stems of greenery that can act as filler.

Supplies Needed

  • Artificial flowers or deco dried flowers in different sizes and textures
  • Faux greenery to use as a filler
  • Scissors
  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Glue gun as an optional

Step-2: Make the Base

As a next step, you should create a base for your flower crown. You need to cut a length of floral wire that’s good enough to wrap across the crown of your head two times, with no space to spare. You should measure across your head with the wire and plan where you’d want your crown to place. You should create a loop with the wire, curling one end across the mid of the wire, in the size that you want it to be. Then you should wrap the long end of the wire across, weaving in and out of the loop to craft a strong base. You should continue wrapping until or unless you reach the end, and curl the end across the loop to secure.

Step-3: Wire in the Main Blooms

Once you have created a base, you should start placing your main flowers. You can start with the largest flowers and place them where you want them to be. If your stems have wires, you can simply bind the wires encircling the base of your crown. If not, you can use floral tape and bind it multiple times across the curtailed stems of your blooms.

Step-4: Add Filler between Your Flowers

You should start covering the whole loop of the base of the flower crown with your filler greenery. Usually, you may opt to include a smaller flower. You should work your way around the base until or unless the whole crown is filled with greenery.

Step-5: Finish and add any extras

Once you’ve finished the crown base by covering it with greenery, you can also add any extra flower or leaf pieces that you want. 

Wear Your Crown

You can now place your crown on your head and enjoy the ecstatic feel behind wearing it. As it is custom-designed, it can easily fit anyone. Nonetheless, if you ever find that it slips, you can safeguard it with a few hidden bobby pins.