Why To Master Practice Games Before Starting Cash Games?

Just like traditional rummy, online rummy has now become quite a rage in India among the card games. A lot of new people are playing rummy because of the possibility of winning real cash. Even you might have downloaded one among the various rummy apps like KhelPlay Rummy and tried your hand. But you should be aware that consistently winning rummy games online and real cash prizes doesn’t come easily for most of us, and some people do the mistake of depositing money and starting with cash games only to lose all of it!

Rummy is a game of skills and it takes time to perfect them. Even if you are a gifted rummy player, you need practice first. Today’s top rummy players were once newbies who first focussed on practice games, honed their skills and then went on to conquer in the Cash games. So, if they can, why can’t you right? Practice games must be the first steps in the world of rummy online for every player who has just started, and also who are playing after a big gap.

Reasons to start with Practice games

Many top players and rummy online experts will recommend playing in practice games before moving on to cash games, and they are not wrong, they have multiple reasons to say that. Know some of the reasons for yourself:

  • The biggest reason of them all is – Money. Is there any player who play rummy and doesn’t think about winning real cash? You may risk losing a lot of money if you don’t know the rules, tips, tricks, strategies, and don’t know how to win. In practice games of KhelPlay Rummy, you get 10,000 Free chips to play! So, even if you lose in practice games, your hard-earned real money is safe. These 10,000 practice chips get refreshed every time you lose them! Isn’t it wise to first learn all rules, tips, tricks, strategies, and regularly start winning in practice games before moving to cash games?
  • Cash games is not the place where you sit to develop your skills and get familiar with the online rummy playing platform. Do these in the Practice games, they exist for such reasons only. For some platforms, it takes time to get familiar with all the functionalities, user-interface, menus, etc. for others like KhelPlay Rummy, it is quite easy.
  • Want to apply newly learned tips & tricks, or the ones you have developed? Practice games is the best place. What if your tricks fail in the cash game, what if you make mistakes and you lose money? It is always safe to try new things where you won’t lose anything.
  • Rummy has few different types of games like pool, points, deals, 10 cards, 13 cards, 21 cards, and 27 cards rummy. Not everyone becomes a master in them all, but 1 or 2 types. Which one are you comfortable in? know that by playing in the practice games. Try all types, and then zero in on the one with which you have got comfortable, known all rules, developed tips, tricks etc. that you will love to play more frequently in the cash games.
  • Practice games help you to develop your confidence and a habit of winning. You know that, even if you lose, you aren’t losing any money, just some free chips, hence, you play fearlessly in practice games. The more you play, and the more opponents you defeat, you become confident to take on the pros in the cash games.

Remember, even cricketers hone their batting or bowling skills in the practice nets before playing every match. Hence, practice games are the best bet in every way, and there is no other better platform to practice and hone your rummy skills than KhelPlay Rummy, because here you get all the help to be a top Indian rummy player. Just open your account and start playing on KhelPlay Rummy just like lakhs of other players.