Village in Cala Gonone cancels the opening of its new boutique hotel

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Sardegna Village, a boutique hotel in Cala Gonone, Italy, has announced that it will be canceling the opening of its new boutique hotel due to “unforeseen circumstances.” The news comes as a huge disappointment to guests who had been eagerly awaiting the opening of the hotel, which was set to feature 55 rooms and two restaurants. Sardegna Village originally planned to open the hotel in March but has now decided to push back the opening until at least later this year. In a statement released by the company, it is stated that there are still “many details to finalize” before the hotel can open its doors. This news comes as a blow to the tourism industry in Cala Gonone, which is already struggling due to Brexit and other global factors. Sardegna Village was aiming to be a major player in this market and help reverse the negative trend. We hope that Sardegna Village can eventually reopen and provide its guests with the luxurious experience they were promised.

Sardegna Village in Cala Gonone releases new photos of its upcoming boutique hotel

Sardegna Village in Cala Gonone has released new photos of its upcoming boutique hotel, which was supposed to open in Spring 2018. However, the opening has been cancelled and the village is looking for a new investor. The hotel would have housed 18 suites with an outdoor pool and a spa. The project has been in development for many years, but recent economic difficulties have caused delays. The Cala Gonone Beach originally hoped to attract high-end guests who would spend their holidays in the area, but now they are looking for someone who can help them revive the project. The village is situated on a quiet cove surrounded by cliffs and is currently home to six small businesses. Many of the original villas have been replaced by apartments and there is now little evidence of what was once a luxurious getaway.

Sardegna Village in Cala Gonone unveils first images

Sardegna Village, the luxury boutique hotel project in Cala Gonone, has released its first images and details of its upcoming hotel. The resort will feature 45 rooms housed in contemporary, design-focused structures, as well as a swimming pool, spa and wellness centre. Construction on the property began in 2016 and is scheduled for completion this year. Sardegna Village promises guests an exclusive experience with a focus on natural materials and sustainable design. The property will be operated by Soho Collection Hotels, one of the world’s leading hospitality companies.