The guidelines in place to write a resume

The guidelines in place to write a resume

Once you are about to write any resume there are numerous resume formats that you could choose. Whatever format you choose for vacancies in Dubai there are certain guidelines that you have to comply.

The pointers to include in the resume

There are some pointers that you need to include as part of the resume.  First is the stage of identification

  • It is going to include the name, telephone number, email address or can consider a series of other options for writing a resume
  • Make sure that you end up using professional email address.


It is an optional section as if you are deciding to be pursuing a resume objective; it has to be specific and concise. Even if you need to state the specified field and job and it gives you a clear cut idea on what you might be trying to accomplish in a given job role


It is another optional field that goes on to include a summary of the skills, experiences or goals that are in writing for the jobs in Dubai.


Let us now try to figure out what are the things and which are the things you need to avoid as part of your education skills in a given job

  • In a chronological order go on to include the degrees that you have received. The most recent degree that you have received has to be at the starting list.
  • Make sure that you include the name of the institution. The location and the date of graduation are also important. If you are in the process of completing the date of graduation make sure that the expected date is mentioned.
  • When applicable you have to check out the minor and the major fields. Even the role of GPA along with other projects turn out to be important.

Guidelines on resume writing

When applying for jobs in Dubai you need to follow proper guideline.

Resume length

The resume has to be as concise as far as possible. For example two pages needs to be the maximum in length but if you are able to fit all the details in a single page all the better. If you are looking to incorporate all essential details on a single page you need to tighten up things.

Size and font

No point in using ornate fonts that would be really difficult to read. The font and the headings needs to be between 10 to 12 points, though the headings could turn out to be a little bit longer than expected. There are various tips in consideration on how to collect the font for a resume.


If you are deciding to organize the sections of the resume, make it a point that each section has to be a uniform one. An example is that if you put the name of the company in italics then the name of all the company has to be in italics. If you are looking to bold one title then bold the other one.