Kim Kardashian Look Alikes: How to Look More Like a Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Look Alikes: How to Look More Like a Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s beauty regimen is her life’s work. She has a five-day hair-washing program, baking the eyes, and other factors that will help you cash out the appearance. Therefore, you should understand a few things if you wish to look like her.

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You probably know that she has a distinctive beauty, meaning you can find ways to look like her with ease. That way, you can improve your appearance and ensure the best course of action.

Let us start from the beginning.

Five-day Hair Program

Kim Kardashian Look Alikes: How to Look More Like a Kim Kardashian

1.   Day One: Wash and Blow-Out

You probably know that Kim Kardashian has a five-day schedule when washing her hair. On the first day, it is a wash and blowout day. When opening her eyes, the first thing she does is determine the best outfit for the day.

Therefore, she thinks about clothes she wishes to wear and not beauty. As soon as she gets ready, the next step is to determine the best way to deal with hair, depending on her outfit and lipstick.

For instance, when she wears a black sleeveless rollneck sweater, she wishes to put the hair in a ponytail to create a space for a neckline. Still, the first day is a wash and blowout day. Therefore, she uses the hairdryer until her hair goes from wet to dry.

2.   Day Two: A Messy Appearance

The next day, you should wake up and look in the mirror. If you are lucky, you will enjoy the chaotic vibe. Everything depends on whether you wish to ensure its appearance remains the same or you should create a more appealing option for your situation.

3.   Day Three: Straightening

The next step is to use a small amount of oil in the hair. Therefore, if you have fine hair, as soon as it gets greasy, it will not be as straight as it should. It would be best to use the straightening rod to ensure the best appearance that will make you look like a Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Aniston.

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4.   Day Four: Ponytail

The entire process can start correctly. However, if you wish to ensure a Kim Kardashian’s appearance, you should choose a proper outfit that will work appropriately with a ponytail. Of course, the hair regime works appropriately even if you visit a gym or do not break a sweat.

Since Kim works out at least two hours a day with training, you should ensure to use a dry shampoo to clean the grease and sweat. That way, your ponytail will drip down the back of your neck, which is an important consideration to make you a Kim Kardashian look alike.

5.   Day Five: Wash Again

Finally, Kim will repeat the first step mentioned above, which is vital for her hair routine, mainly to protect the strands and ensure the perfect appeal. Therefore, we recommend you provide each step along the way.

Eye Baking

You can choose specifically approved Kim Kardashian baking methods, including loose face powder, blush, foundation, and numerous concealers. Mario Dedivanovic created and designed makeup to disguise dark circles around the eyes and implement upside-down triangles of concealers you painted on your face.

At the same time, you can use it to the temples of your nose and blend everything with the brush that will match the foundation. Finally, it would be best to implement a loose face powder to ensure the best course of action.

You will appear blank when you do the steps mentioned above, which is weird because the face will have the same color. It would be best if you compensatedfor the entire process by wearing a bit of eyeliner, having solid eyebrows, and more mascara.

It is not something that people usually do, but as a result, you can put concealer on the temples because it will fit the Kardashian look-alike style that will provide you peace of mind. You should check out this link: learn about Kim Kardashian’s hair care.

The Dyed Hair Savior

Since she has an entire beauty team that makes her more attractive, you should determine the products she endorses to help you out with the process. The potions and lotions you can use to dyed hair will ensure you return a healthy appearance no matter how manychemicals you use to achieve the same color.