Having An excellent World Cup 2022 Winner Is not Sufficient.

Tigran Petrosian received the championship with 13½/19, and the remaining qualifiers were Victor Korchnoi with thirteen and Efim Geller and Leonid Stein with 12. Notable players who failed to qualify from this zone were former world champion Vasily Smyslov at 11, former world champion challenger David Bronstein at 9, and former Candidates Boris Spassky at 11, Yuri Averbakh at 10½, Mark Taimanov at 10, and Isaac Boleslavsky at 9. The USSR Federation tried unsuccessfully at the 1961 FIDE Congress to get Smyslov seeded into the Interzonal. The world championship cycle was beneath the jurisdiction of FIDE, the World Chess Federation, which set the structure for the fifth world championship collection at the 1959 FIDE Congress in Luxembourg. At the World Chess Championship 1963, Tigran Petrosian narrowly certified to challenge Mikhail Botvinnik for the World Chess Championship, after which they received the match to change into the ninth World Chess Champion.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – After 12 years of lacking the playoffs, the Buccaneers, led by second-year head coach Bruce Arians, improved their 7-9 report from the earlier season, posted their first 10-win season since 2010, and ended a 13-12 months playoff drought by making the playoffs for the first time since 2007 with an 11-5 report, how did not win a division title once they had been swept by the NFC South division champion New Orleans Saints in two common season games. Nevertheless, major FIFA competitions over the years have proven how the host nation appears to enjoy the home benefit on main occasions. Ski Flying World Cup 卡塔爾世界杯 was first formally organized from 1990/91 until 2000/01, and after eight years break, since 2008/09, have been awarded a small crystal globe.

The Zonal was held in Budapest, with Gedeon Barcza, Hungary finishing first with 10½/15, adopted by Mario Bertok, Yugoslavia, István Bilek, Hungary, Aleksandar Matanović Yugoslavia, and Theo van Scheltinga tied for second at 10. A playoff between the second-place finishers at Berg en Dal ended with Bilek 3½, Bertok and Matanović 3, and von Scheltinga 2½. An artificial tie-break chose Bertok over Matanović, leading to Barcza, Bilek, and Bertok qualifying for the Interzonal. The winners of the diminished tournament were Friðrik Ólafsson Iceland, first with 7½/9, and Andreas Dückstein, Austria, and Rudolf Teschner, West Germany, tied for second with 7. The Zonal tournament was replayed in the summer season of 1961 at Mariánské Lázně, Czechoslovakia, with Ólafsson, Miroslav Filip, Czechoslovakia, and Uhlmann qualifying.