Taking advantage of someone’s vulnerability in exchange for sexual favours is a heinous act that dehumanises the people it targets. Sex acts, such as masturbating in front of a camera or posing for nude photographs are common sextortion demands, rather than money. Most people prefer sextortion through social media. Using online conversations and/or text messaging, sextortonists build close relationships with their victims. When they have built up a level of trust with their victims, they ask them to send them nude images or videos. Their victims are then blackmailed into providing them with more twisted specifications for film. If their victims do not comply with their demands, sextortonists will hack into their computers, locate sensitive material, and threaten to expose them until they do so. Using these five steps may help you stop becoming a victim of sextortion. If you are الابتزاز السياسي  by someone, you can get our help.


If you’ve been scammed by an anonymous, faceless criminal, we sympathise. There is a possibility that your loved ones may not understand how the situation started. Others are concerned that the culprit will follow through on his vow to post the footage online.

A cruel abuser aims to take advantage of your powerlessness to perpetrate more acts of violence against you.

End all contact with the offender and avoid any conflict.

You may get frightened if you are unable to respond sexually, particularly if it occurs abruptly. Anxiety will grip you as you worry, “Will they get in contact with me or my family?” Text messages may be sent to persons I know. Consider whether or not this is something you can commit to doing for the remainder of your life before making a decision. And the answer to that is no. This is your reward for your service. Your abuser will see you as a target if you maintain in touch with him or her. The battle to bring him to justice will begin once the bond to him is severed.


Solid evidence is needed to establish the degree, length, and timeline of the exploitation. The temptation to wipe everything from your computer’s hard disc may be overwhelming, but you must fight the urge. We need to keep everything. Guilt can no longer keep you from moving forward. You now have a wider range of options available to you. 

We can help you in التبليغ عن ابتزاز.


Starting with the cops is essential. Data on how frequently sextortion occurs would increase the pressure for legislative reform since it is unlawful under federal law. You should seek the advice of an experienced law firm when it comes to dealing with sexual extortioners.

There are a number of reasons why your local police department may not be able to offer you with the service that you need. A sextortion-experienced lawyer can guarantee that your rights are safeguarded. In order to retain control, sextortionists use the threat of death to scare their victims into submission. He manipulates you in order to convince you that there are no other options and no way out. He’s absolutely wrong, in fact.